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Toowoomba Lectureship, QLD

CampING, 6 - 8 March, 2020, VIC

CampING (Camp I Need God) is the annual family camp of Belmore Road Church of Christ in Melbourne. Labour Day 2020 weekend marked CampING’s 21st year at Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza. We had 70 campers stay over Saturday night and 60 on Sunday night. Over 100 people attended our Sunday morning assembly.


They came from various congregations including BRCOC, Heidelberg, South East, Peninsula, and Tauranga (NZ). Matt and Charné Griessel and the Camp Committee ran the camp so well that we were publicly commended and thanked by one of the Camp Manyung staff for being a good group of campers. 

Camp weekend was refreshing and spiritually uplifting.  Our guest speakers, Johnathon Atchley and Rosie Cronin, delivered practical and challenging lessons on ‘Discipleship’. John helped us compare discipleship in the first century to what it’s like today. We looked at how we can disciple and who has discipled us in the past. Rosie shared her journey of faith with the ladies. To find out why we should be discipling one another, we studied the circumstances, gifting, and influence of several ladies from the New Testament. We were asked to use our discoveries to identify how we can use our gifts from God to fulfil his calling.


While adults were immersed in their lessons, Rhonda Tabe and Jackie Baldwin engaged the children in Bible stories and craft sessions. It’s wonderful to see everybody, young and old, being nurtured by the Word of God.  


Free time promoted lots of bonding amongst God’s people. We had deep conversations and shared jokes, pranks, laughter, and board games. Fun time included water-balloon volley ball, tennis matches, corn tossing, flying fox, beach time, campfire singing, auction of services, and a hilarious Bible trivia competition led by the Rowleys. Thank you to everyone who was part of the BRCOC family camp. Lord willing, we’ll see you at CampING again next year!

Swee Lan Tay


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March 2020, VIC 
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