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May InterSections – Evangelism


This issue of InterSections comes during challenging times. A world emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. A Europe shocked by a sudden and vicious war in Ukraine. An increasing tendency in many places to marginalise Christians in society.

Yet, even in such difficult times, God’s will for humanity remains constant. He wants all to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For it’s in obedience to Jesus that we enjoy grace and power through his Spirit. Hence, the task of evangelism remains key for God’s people everywhere. 

So, in this issue we bring you stories of Christians evangelising in their own unique ways. George Funk tells of Gospel Chariot Missions – a ministry which he and his wife, Ria, started in their native South Africa and which now touches numerous lives in various nations. In our International Letter, Dennis Cady describes the evangelistic and humanitarian work which he and Chuck Dennis have been undertaking in South Sudan over the past decade.

Reaching back to our spiritual forebears, Benny Tabalujan casts a spotlight on the apostle Andrew and examines how this early disciple brought others to Jesus. We also interview Vani Igo, an evangelist originally from Papua New Guinea who’s now based in Queensland and has a heart for sharing the Gospel with his community. Our news items include a report about a new chaplaincy course offered by South Pacific Bible College, and an update on the impact of the Ukraine war on a Christian ministry in the Donbas region.

Finally, John Atchley reviews Stephen McAlpine’s book, Being the Bad Guys: How to Live for Jesus in a World That Says You Shouldn’t (2021) – and suggests ways how Christians can respond when we feel marginalised or mocked.

May these articles encourage you as you share the Gospel of Christ with others. Amen.

The InterSections team.

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