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August InterSections – Worship

Welcome to the August 2021 issue of InterSections

The past 16 months have proven to be some of the most transformative in recent decades. The spread of Covid-19 around the world has had huge implications for the economy, society, and our way of life. These implications have also been keenly felt in the church. We addressed some of these implications in our last issue, but with this issue we focus on one of the biggest impacts of Covid-19 on the church – the practice of worship. 

In our Feature article, Craig Holyoak explores what it means for us to worship. What or who we worship matters because our whole lives are thereafter oriented towards that. In our Food for Thought, Ian Coker explores the idea of whether all of our lives are an act of worship. Daniel Etse writes to us from Ghana in our International Letter about the practices of worship in the congregations around the country. 

Les Totman reviews Renewal Through Restoration: An Uncommon Call to Christian Discipleship, the recent publication from Benny Tabalujan and a number of contributors from InterSections. In our Interview, we ask three Christians about their experiences of worshipping online in the Covid-19 era, and our ChurchScene centres on the life and history of the Wynnum church in Queensland. 

Finally, in our News section, we hear about Camp Soul, the youth camp run by the Southwest congregation, and the Young Christians Network. We also offer our thanks to Alan and Debby Rowley for all their contributions to Klesis as they transition into retirement. 

We hope this issue provokes thought and discussion around the true nature of worship as we navigate our way through the disruptive and transformative Covid-19 era. 

InterSections editorial team.


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ChurchScene -
Reflections on
Wynnum Church, QLD
Features -
What does it Mean
to Worship?
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Food for Thought 
Is All of Life Worship?
 Book Reviews -
Renewal Through
International Letters -Congregational Worship
in Ghana
 News - Thanks to Rowleys

Camp Soul 2021, NSW
Young Christians Network

  Interviews - 
Online Worship

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