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May 2024 InterSections


Welcome to the May issue of InterSections!

Many local churches have been struggling in recent years. Church attendance in the Western world has been falling for decades. The Covid pandemic created new challenges – some members never returned once churches resumed after lockdowns. In this environment we can be tempted to feel gloomy or fatalistic about the state of the church, so it’s important for us to be reminded about what the church is and why church matters.

In our Feature, Nathan Holyoak considers whether it’s possible to follow Jesus without the church. In our Food for Thought Dale Christensen reflects on important things to contemplate when deciding which church we join. Peter Horne reviews the book Why We Stayed which shares several writer’s perspectives on why they remain a part of Churches of Christ.

In a new column, LifeFocus, Benny Tabalujan tells about the life of Michael Faraday, a famous scientist whose strong faith is perhaps less well-known. We also interview Roger and Sally Tyers – Roger is a shepherd of the Malaga Church of Christ in Perth. And in our News, we hear about a community Trash & Treasure fundraising event in Brisbane, and also the recent Autumn Lectureship held in Victoria.

We pray that this issue will help to build your love for Jesus and his church.

The InterSections team.

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