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August InterSections – Restoring Grace

Welcome to the August 2020 issue of InterSections. The theme for this issue is 'Restoring Grace'. 

While grace is central to the doctrine of salvation, it should also be central to the life of the church. Just as grace is the guiding principle of the relationship between God and His people, it should similarly be the guiding principle of the relationship between fellow Christians. How might we go about restoring grace to its central place in the life of the church?

In our Feature article, Michael Bargholz answers this question by reconsidering the famous Parable of the Lost Son in Luke 15 and its implications on how we should treat our fellow Christians. In Food For Thought, Steve Wilson reflects on the relationship between Grace and the Law, and how the way of grace is ultimately how Christians are to live. Our International Letter comes from Joy Tabalujan as she reflects on her recent mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya, and her work with Made In the Streets.

We interview Bob and Melba Abney, who share memories of their many trips to Australia and some thoughts on the future. David Nelson reviews Romans: An Exegetical Study, a Truth For Today commentary on Paul’s letter to the Romans—his masterpiece on grace.

For our ChurchScene, Stephanie Klempfner tells us about the Women’s Singing Group at the Macquarie Church of Christ. Finally, our usual News section has been replaced this quarter by a thoughtful reflection on the COVID-19 pandemic by Dale Christensen, who writes about church life during and after a the pandemic. We welcome responses to Dale’s article in the hope that we can facilitate a meaningful discussion.

We offer you this issue to glorify God, to encourage and edify you, and to remind us all of the outrageous gift of grace.

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ChurchScene - 
Macquarie Church
Singing Group
Feature -
Restoring Grace towards other Christians
Food for Thought -
Grace versus Law
Pandemic Reflections - 
Church Life in a 
Book Review -
Romans: Exegetical Study
 International Letter -
Made in the Streets
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  Interview - 
Bob & Melba Abney

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