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February InterSections – Life, Death & Judgment

Welcome to the February 2021 issue of InterSections. In the past year some have had to come to terms with losing an individual they know and have faced sorrow and grief. For others, Covid-19 has reminded us of death and its inevitability. But what hope does the Christian have in the face of death? This issue gives thought to some theological and personal perspectives as they relate to death, final judgment, and the afterlife.


In our Feature, Graham Wall examines how Christians can face the prospect of judgment day and

provides clarification regarding various viewpoints concerning the millennium. In our Food for

Thought, Benny Tabalujan focuses on resurrection and its continuities and discontinuities with our

present life. In our International Letter, Dale Hartman reflects on the ministry of caring for the dying

and the families who remain. In our Interview section, three Christians take time to reflect on their

faith and how it influences their perceptions of death.


In our ChurchScene, Ron Bainbridge shares the history regarding Discovering a Better Life Ministries – a Christian internet and media ministry he’s been involved in for several decades. Bryce Christiansen reviews a well-known classic: The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Finally in News, we hear about an exciting new gathering,Young Christians Network, and details of the recent Camp Drewe held at Lennox Head, NSW.


We hope this issue is both encouraging and a reminder of the eternal reward awaiting those who

love the Lord (1 Corinthians 2:9).

InterSections Editorial Team




ChurchScene - 
A Better Life Ministries, WA
Features -
Judgement Day and the
1,000 year Reign?
Food for Thought -
Concerning Resurrection
International Letters -
Ministry of Caring for
the Dying
 Book Reviews -
The Screwtape Letters
 News -
Camp Drewe, NSW 2021
Young Christian Network
  Interviews - 
Three Christian perspectives

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