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Camp Revive 2021, VIC    Faith Tabalujan, VIC

On Saturday, 25 September, over 40 youth – and some not-so-young adults – jumped on Zoom to participate in Revive 2021 online!

We were honoured to have Peter Tickner (Macquarie Church of Christ, Sydney) share his thoughts and Tupperware-studded illustrations on the theme of ‘The Treasure Within’. This is taken from Paul’s words in Colossians 1-2. 

In two break-out room sessions, we delved deeper into selected passages and discussed key questions about being ‘in Christ’ and ‘getting dressed’ as young people chosen and made holy by God. The event was interspersed with interactive games – including an icebreaker, Pictionary, a Kahoot quiz, and a rapid scavenger hunt – which provided a healthy dose of friendly competition and fun. 

Finally, after the closing prayer and camp photo, we strengthened old bonds and forged new friendships during a round of break-out room ‘speed-friending’ – an especially uplifting opportunity for spiritual encouragement for those of us stuck in pandemic lockdowns across Australia.

On behalf of all the participants, I would like to say a huge thank you to the Revive Committee (Dale Christensen, Joy Tabalujan, Lois Ekong, Nancy Wu Won, David Chao, and Mitch Tabe) for all their hard work in organising such an engaging and encouraging event! 

Faith Tabalujan, VIC.

Donation from Vince O’Shea to ACCET, NSW   David Mowday, NSW

The Australian Churches of Christ Evangelistic Trust recently recieved a significant gift from the estate of Vince O’Shea, a Christian from the Ballina congregation in northern NSW. Vince died in April 2019. He wanted to be involved in the preaching of the Gospel despite no longer being physically present to do so. Vince knew that a bequest to ACCET would enable him to do just that.

Vince and his wife, May, moved from Toowoomba to Ballina in 1990 because of May’s health and at the encouragement of Ian Coker. They were welcomed with open arms by the congregation, then made up of Nancy Bailey and her three daughters. As the only man in the Ballina church at the time, Vince took over the responsibility of leading the worship, despite having little experience. He quickly graduated from playing sermons on cassette tapes to delivering his own sermons.


'Vince was always ready to give his time and energy to helping in whatever capacity he could, always supported by May,’ recalls Nancy. ‘His devotion to studying God’s Word was evident as he continued to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and get God’s message across to the congregation in a manner easily understood. He was a true quiet achiever for the Lord.’

Vince’s bequest to ACCET will continue to support the preaching of the Gospel in Australia as it generates income that will be distributed to enable workers to do just that – spread the Good News!  Thank you, Vince, for your gift and your example. 

Meanwhile, ACCET grant applications for 2022 will be accepted up until 19 November 2021 – please visit for details.

David Mowday, NSW.


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Camp Revive 2021, VIC
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