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Young Christians Network    Dale Christensen

The second meeting of the Young Christians Network was held via Zoom in mid-March 2021. It was an encouraging afternoon spent strengthening our bonds of fellowship as well as our resolve to live for Christ.  

Keeping the Faith in a Faithless Society was the theme, with speakers Graham Wall (Border Church, VIC-NSW) and Ted Paull (Macquarie Church of Christ, NSW) sharing insights about the various spiritual hurdles they faced as young adults.  Some challenges were very familiar to our younger audience while others have changed over the years.  

Of particular note was the transition in the public perception of Christians from holier-than-thou goody-two-shoes to morally deficient bigots. We’ve all faced situations where we’ve been embarrassed to admit we’re Christians – but why we’re embarrassed isn’t always the same!

Thirty-four young adults (and a few babies) tuned in from six states and territories, with technical problems sadly preventing several more from joining from Tauranga, New Zealand.  Daniel and Hannah Smith from the Gipps St church, Toowoomba, also provided a short introduction to their home congregation.  We finished off by breaking into randomised small groups for five minutes at a time, making new connections and catching up with old friends.

Dale Christensen, VIC.
YCN is for members of Churches of Christ in Australia aged around 20 to 35-ish. If you fit this description and are interested in joining future events, please email us at:

Lake Nillahcootie Camp (VIC)    Rachael Kirkpatrick

The autumnal Lake Nillahcootie Camp (2-5 March 2021), though smaller in number, wasn’t small in heart. The 38 fulltime campers – and a few day-trippers – enjoyed an Easter weekend filled with fellowship, relationship building, and thought-provoking lessons by various speakers. 

The topics ranged from a discussion of how Christians should operate in the political sphere (Dale Christensen) to how Christians should interact with the secular world (Micah Kirkpatrick); how to raise children in a sinful world (Brett Christensen); and how our Lord and Saviour was brutalised and humiliated and died in our stead (Geoff Thomas). In short, some serious issues concerning the world and the church were covered over the course of the weekend. 

Nevertheless, the campers took every opportunity to relax and fellowship with each other between lessons. Sports were played, balls were kicked and thrown, rivalries between the over and under-30s were reignited, talents were exhibited at the annual Camp Concert, and the best of times were had. There were even brave souls who took the plunge into the rather chilly depths of the lake! Glory be to God in the highest, who bestows such blessings upon us.

Rachael Kirkpatrick, NSW  



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