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News Camp Drewe 2021 – 'Way To Go' NSW.   Hannah Satish

Camp Drewe in Lennox Head, NSW, opened their beautiful facility to the Coffs Coast Church for a family camp on 18–21 January 2021. The theme ‘Way To Go’ was based on Psalm 119:105. Based on the book of Psalms and Ephesians 5:15–16, Peter Tickner (from the Macquarie Church of Christ in Sydney) taught lessons on making wise choices. He challenged the audience to consider this question in every situation: ‘In light of my past experiences, current circumstances, future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing for me to do?’

Altogether, 35 people attended. They included several families from Nana Glen (about 25km northwest of Coffs Harbour) and some Burmese teenage girls who have been attending regular online Bible studies with the church in Coffs. Activities included: painting, soap and jewellery making, tie-dyeing, team games, swimming, and coastal walking. We also enjoyed singing together under the stars. During these times, friendships were strengthened and fellowship was enjoyed.

It was encouraging to hear only positive feedback from the attendees. The camp was valuable not only for the spiritual uplift it generated. Everyone left with a renewed appreciation of the value of sound doctrine for our lives; applying it well is truly a mark of wisdom. All glory to God.

Hannah Satish is part of the Camp Drewe Committee and a member of Coffs Coast Church of Christ,
Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Young Christians Network    Joy Tabalujan

Recently, with encouragement from Klesis Institute, a group of young Christians developed a new initiative called  ‘Young Christians Network’. YCN is intended for young men and women between the ages of 20–35 years who are part of non-denominational Churches of Christ in Australia. The hope is that this informal network will help make and strengthen personal connections and motivate one another to love and good works.

After a year when many of us mastered Zoom (and suffered Zoom fatigue), we organised an online gathering through Zoom in December 2020. The YCN’s pilot event, ‘The Heart of a Servant’, brought together 33 young Christians. They came from 18 different congregations all over Australia, representing every State and Territory. How incredible is that?

Those who tuned in were given the opportunity to meet new people, share ideas on how we can better serve one another in the church, and ultimately encourage each other to continue growing closer to God. It certainly was heartening to see so many young, enthusiastic Christians share their experiences.

Given the interest and positive feedback from this pilot event, we’re hoping to take the YCN initiative further. What this may look like is yet to be determined, but we pray that it’ll be something pleasing to God.

If you’re reading this and are interested in joining YCN, feel free to contact Joy Tabalujan for more information.  

Ray Thia, Joy Tabalujan, Jack Hughes, Dale Christensen, and Nathan Wilson.  


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